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We have taken pride in acquiring the top of the line computerized and manual equipment to handle all machining processes from turning, boring, tapering, threading and facing all within tight tolerances. Our CNC equipment automatically compensates for tooling life and wear, which means the repeatability of our equipment guarantees that whether we are making 1 or 500 parts they will be exactly the same every time. We have also designed special fixtures to hold our parts in place while manufacturing for increased accuracy. Our advanced equipment and quality control means we can hold tolerances of +/-. 001 and mirror finishes if needed. We also have special equipment and processes like tube honing, drilling, phosphate and xylan coatings. Please call with any questions...

Click on the examples below of parts, processes and equipment here at BlueLine Manufacturing, Inc.:





Production shop floor

 Manual lathe- close

 Large diameter parts

Offset part

 Large quantity runs






 CNC High rate milling

 Manual lathe & D.R.O

 Optical comparator

 In house coatings

 Carbide tooling






 High end gages

 CNC Milling

 CNC & full graphics

CNC lathe boring

 Milling angled holes







 Large material yard

 J-slot pattern milling

 Big bore lathe (12.5")